The Doomsday 2012 – 14 versions   

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

 The Doomsday 2012 – 14 versions 

The Mankind is excited by forecasts about a doomsday in 2012. We have decided to lead the careful analysis of versions and the reasons of those events which could lead to a doomsday, and we offer on your court results of the work.

 The List of possible doomsday  has turned out impressive enough, and it should guard. Certainly, probability of many events specified in the list which could become practically equal the reason of a doomsday in 2012 to zero. But, how to be spoken, « … if trouble can happen, it happens ». Therefore, we should concern to probable scripts of a doomsday very closely.

  That can become the reason of a doomsday in 2012?

1. Collision with a huge asteroid.

2. The most powerful eruption of a volcano.

3. A huge break near Antarctica with fusion of all ice armour of continent, formation of a dense cloudy cover above all Earth, as consequence, the Flood and a congelation.

4. Technogenic superaccident connected with a nuclear reactor.

5. Terrorist attack with завладением the nuclear weapon, its subsequent application.

6. Formation in адронном коллайдере a black hole and absorption of the Earth by her and all Solar system.

7. Distribution created by methods of genic engineering and the fatal virus which has pulled out on "freedom".

8. Unexpected flash on the Sun, raising energy of a light stream received by the Earth in tens and hundreds times, destruction of vegetation and all alive.

9. Intrusion of newcomers and destruction of a human civilization by them.

10. The computer supervirus interfering control systems by the nuclear weapon, any start of rockets with nuclear arms.

11.  The Most peace version the version of a doomsday 2012  

12. A Doomsday connected with absence of an electricity (the comic version).

13. The Doomsday in 2012 because of formation so-called просветного a beam connecting the center of a galaxy the Milky Way, the center of Solar system, that is the Sun, and the Earth.

14. The Doomsday 2012 - as result of development of the processes caused by world financial and economic crisis.

Now we shall consider in detail each of versions of a doomsday.

1. The Doomsday 2012 because of collision with a huge asteroid.

 the Doomsday. To one of the reasons of a doomsday can become collision with a huge meteorite

 Рыѕёшёі such collision actually, it practically does not leave chances to mankind on a survival, and, approach of a doomsday, if not one circumstance really could cause. Modern development of observant astronomy has come so far, that the best orbital space telescopes are capable to find out on distance in some light years, planets with the sizes, commensurable with our mother the Earth. But the asteroid has considerably the smaller size, you can object. Certainly, but in fact an asteroid to have an opportunity to collide with the Earth and to become the reason of a doomsday in 2012, should be within the limits of Solar system, and this space is scanned not only orbital telescopes, but also numerous fans of astronomy in many countries of the world. So  эрё=ѕяыхэшх a doomsday similar under the script with film "Armageddon" us it is excluded, in a kind of its small probability.

as could proceed a doomsday at collision of the Earth with an asteroid ?

 If the asteroid will fall in ocean, in a place of falling is formed huge воронка from which in different directions the tsunami will miss. It will be the first wave having, by different calculations, height from 70 up to 250 meters which completely will round globe in time from 4 minutes up to 1/2 h. Itself воронка схлопнется in half-minute, and this process will cause the second wave of a tsunami, in some times less powerful, but from it not less destructive. The matter is that the first wave, having flooded coastal zones, and still not having rushed back from continents, will represent itself as some original greasing for the second wave, and it can promote in depth of continents on much greater Ёрёё=ю эшх. 
Кю is, at collision with an asteroid, the Earth the doomsday, in the form of a flood, and such threatens, in history ёхыютхёхё=тр, тшфшью already happened.


The Basic characteristics of asteroids: weight from 1 г up to 10  23 gram, the sizes from 1 ёь фю 1000 km, average speed of approach the Earth of 10 km/s. By estimation of astronomers in Solar system the number of asteroids with a diameter is more 1 km about 30 thousand (the biggest asteroid in Solar system Tserera in a diameter of 1000 kilometers). Small asteroids it is much more - than hundred millions. In the belt of asteroids located between orbits of Mars and the Floodlight asteroids do not bear danger of collision with the Earth. However some thousand asteroids with a diameter more than 1 km have orbits, cross an orbit of the Earth. Occurrence of these asteroids speaks formation of zones of instability in a belt of asteroids. Here some examples.
    in 1968 asteroid Ikar has flown by on distance of 6,36 million kilometers from the Earth. If it has collided with our planet there would be an explosion equivalent to explosion of 100 megatons of trotyl, or to explosion of several nuclear bombs. Other asteroid - 1991ВА in diameter in 9 m has passed on January, 17th, 1991 on distance of all in 170 thousand in km from the Earth. Be late it of all at 1,5 o'clock, and there would be a collision. The asteroid 1994XM1 on December, 9th, 1994 has flown by above territory of Russia on distance of all in 105 thousand in km.
    here results of some estimations made by scientists:
* about time in 500 thousand years there are collisions with large asteroids which can lead to global accidents;
* collisions with small, not putting strong damage to the Earth asteroids, occur on the average each 300 years.
in the list of potentially dangerous known asteroids which orbits will pass on critical distance from the Earth up to the end of 21 centuries about 300 objects. The maximal approach 880 thousand in km, by estimation of scientists will be at asteroid Хатор in October, 2086.

    Comets have on the average following characteristics: weight 10 14 -  10 19  gram, the sizes of a kernel of 10 km, the size of a tail up to 10 million kilometers, speed of movement of 10 km/s. The kernel of a comet is a congestion of " a dirty ice ". A tail of a comet a mix of gases, an ice and a dust. Passage of the Earth through a tail does not represent danger because of low density of the last. For example, at passage of the Earth through a tail of comet Galley on May, 18th, 1910 it has not noted been any anomalies on the Earth. 
    the problem of collision of the Earth with a kernel of a comet has got a urgency in 1994, in connection with falling of splinters of comet Шумейкеров-Леви on a surface of the Floodlight. The explosions which have arisen at it, are estimated in the size equivalent to explosion 60 000 Мт of trotyl that is equal to explosion of several millions the nuclear bombs dumped to Hiroshima.
    by estimation of astronomers, comets pass each 100 years between the Earth and the Moon, and fall to the Earth about time in 100 thousand years. Researches have shown, that for last 2400 was 20 dangerous (more close 15 million kilometers) passages of 18 comets. The closest, on distance in 2,3 million kilometers was at comet Лекселя in July, 1770. It is counted up, that the nearest 30 years close passages will be at three studied comets. But, fortunately, the minimal distances will be not dangerous - more than 9 million kilometers. However opening of a zone of a concentration of comets in belt Койпера and cloud Оорта can mean, that the probability of collision of the Earth with a comet can be much more.

2. The version of a doomsday 2012 because of the most powerful eruption, or even explosion of a volcano.

 Ршыіэюх eruption  the Doomsday. The most powerful explosion of a volcano can become the reason of a doomsday can become the reason of emission in an atmosphere of a huge cloud of ashes and a dust. It will lead to that beams of the Sun cannot heat up a surface of the Earth and on it there will come « nuclear winter ». Such variant of succession of events could result In a doomsday only in the event that force of explosion would be capable to lift in an atmosphere of the order of 30 thousand tons of volcanic ashes and a dust. In view of density of such volcanic substance, the volume of the ground lifted in the sky is represented in size of the order of 23 thousand cubic metre that is practically excluded (for calculations ashes from the furnace in a mix with a dust) was used. Even if such improbable event happens in 2012 intervention of the person is capable to accelerate considerably subsidence of a dust on a surface of the Earth. Though here we will be waited with other danger. Settling volcanic ashes will get in lungs, to mix up with a saliva and to be cemented in lungs, with a lethal outcome for their owner. (for memory the picture " Destruction Pompeii ") comes. The work connected with acceleration of subsidence of a dust and ashes also will be connected with huge risk. Besides specified above, to pilots will have to struggle with practically zero visibility in clouds, a huge gassed condition carbonic acid, and planes will have to equip with special filters that in the engine the dust did not get. It is necessary to tell, that modern methods of supervision over volcanos should give the reliable forecast in case of "preparation" of eruption of such size, which could become the reason of a doomsday in 2012 though completely to exclude this variant it is impossible.

3. The hypothesis of the doomsday 2012 caused by a huge tectonic break near Antarctica or at the bottom of one of oceans takes place, but only only as the version.

The Probability of such succession of events is simply scanty. Tectonic activity during the modern period of development of a planet in thousand and is less than tens thousand times, than in days of formation of a planet and we completely exclude this script of a doomsday from consideration. However recently there was a version about a high probability of the similar script in other parts of the world, namely, in Greenland. In this case the doomsday will pass the following юсЁрчюь.
   ¤ю to opinion of Russian scientist Nikolay Zharvina a special role in this process global warming will play. The matter is that the significant part of Greenland is covered by a glacier which thickness makes in some places more than two kilometers. Because of such weight an earth's crust, and with it and a cloak of the Earth cave in near Greenland on depth about kilometer. As a result of sharp thawing a glacier, this deflection begins to decrease sharply and will cause substantial growth of a break of an earth's crust at the bottom of Atlantic оекана which settles down between Greenland and the Great Britain. In formed huge  Ёрчыюь устремяться waters of ocean. From contact with a hot cloak, huge emission heated pair in an atmosphere is formed. Sharp cooling of breed from contact with water will cause chain reaction in the form of землятрясений on all belt of breaks, and землятресения will cause huge tsunami. The atmosphere of the Earth will be filled with excessive quantity water pair and the Sun cannot warm up the Earth, and together with it and an atmosphere. Movement of clouds which begin excessively dense to be slowed down, a part of a moisture will drop out to the Earth, but because of sharp temperature drop will freeze. As a result of us the doomsday in the form of a new congelation can expect. And such variant of a doomsday similar already happened more recently, as acknowledgement to that the bodies which have frozen practically instantly of mammoths which find in the mass order in eternal мезлоте our northern Siberian regions can serve.


4. Following three versions of a doomsday 2012 are connected with the so-called human factor and consequently are considered by us as the most probable.  Technogenic accidents,  such as Chernobyl or failure on Саяно-Шушенской the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION, evidently show, that people very often follow an old Russian proverb, « while the thunder will not burst, the muzhik to not cross ». In view of that all forecasts and predictions sometime come true, only not in that place and not at that time for which they have been made, heads of the "nuclear" countries should lay a special emphasis on safety of the nuclear objects which are especially being in сейсмоопасных areas.

The Doomsday, in case of technogenic accident in сейсмоопасном area could pass under the following script. Accident causes strong earthquake in близь laying area. Such землятресение in itself could change speed of rotation of the Earth about the axis. For example, землятресение 2004, carried away lives more than 200 thousand inhabitants of coastal areas of the countries of southeast Asia, have reduced duration of day by 3 micro seconds. Strong change of speed of rotation of a planet leads to change of magnetic poles. During change of poles "filter" from space radiation which the Magnetic field is the magnetic field the Earth for a while vanishes, and all being on a surface perishes.

5. A problem of terrorism,

 Гидрорэлектростанции one of objects which is necessary for protecting from terrorists  юёюсхээю distinctly proved on a boundary of centuries, and remaining till now proves the main international threat and in the form of the possible reason of approach of a doomsday. Though Bitter also called, « to madness brave we sing a song, madness brave – here force of a life », from madmen we owe ourselves somehow застраховать if we do not want approach of a doomsday in 2012.
an output here one. It is necessary to develop urgently alternative ІэхЁух=шъѕ.

6. The version of a doomsday 2012 owing to formation in адронном коллайдере a black hole

 the Doomsday. The possible reason of a doomsday - absorption of a planet by a black hole  ш absorption of the Earth by her and all Solar system. This the version of a doomsday stood the first on the agenda still more recently. But breakages have removed it on the second plan. As the author the general theory of interactions , I consider such hypothesis absolutely insolvent. That representation about black holes, which now prevails among scientists too foggy to build on it any assumptions of possible formation of a black hole in адронном коллайдере. And if to be based on the theory of a black hole which is described in the general theory of interactions probability of its formation in коллайдере it is equal to zero.

 РЁртэхэшх sights at the black holes existing in the general theory of interactions and in the general theory of a relativity it is possible to look on page the Black hole - a riddle of gravitation.

Адронный коллайдер -  ушурэ=ёъшщ the accelerator elementary particles , created in cooperation of the scientific many countries of the world and approximately estimated in the sum from 7 up to 11 billion euro. Normal work адронного коллайдера here within one and a half years cannot be adjusted because of the constant breakages, rules of technical safety stirring to observance. This circumstance does the version of a doomsday 2012 from any breakage on адронном коллайдере (if it all will be started) enough plausible.

 +ю=  personally my forecast concerning адронного коллайдера pessimistic. I consider, that scientists, at all respect for their diligence, cannot achieve normal start of this project on full capacity.

Itself bad in this version of a doomsday that scientists do not know that in коллайдере can turn out. They operate by a principle: let's make, and we shall look, that at us will leave.

7. The distribution, created by methods of genic engineering and pulled out on "freedom", a fatal virus.

  the Spiral of DNA This reason for approach of a doomsday 2012 though it is considered me having the greatest probability, all has weak places. A level of knowledge of the population and self-consuming character of epidemics, when sharp flash of desease and death rate simply deprives a virus of those objects (people), by means of which it could extend (they simply die out), and the others have time to arrange, does not allow to consider this version as one of the possible reasons of approach of a global doomsday in 2012.

one more variant from the same series can become the following version of a doomsday. As a result of use in food of leaves генномодифицированного plants, there is a mutation of a usual plant louse. It becomes quickly capable to be made multiple copies at lower (and even temperatures close to zero) .
  As a result of impetuous duplication of a plant louse, it devours vegetation (trees and bushes in the summer, and a grass even in the winter under a snow), considerably reducing receipt of oxygen in an atmosphere. Chemical or biological ways of struggle against a plant louse, only diversify number мутирующих kinds, and only accelerate process. Синезелёные seaweed at oceans also become food for мутировавших kinds. As a result the atmosphere of the Earth ceases to contain oxygen in the form of molecules, and the overwhelming number of alive organisms perishes. It is not excluded, that such variant of a doomsday already happened in the past (a detail on page chemistry in human life ).  

 8. The Doomsday 2012 as result of unexpected flash on The sun 

 the Doomsday as a result of abnormal flash on the Sun Such flash, will raise energy of a light stream received by the Earth in tens and hundreds times. Destruction of vegetation, and all alive on the Earth. Astronomical data speak that in 2012 high enough activity of our star should be observed. But all the age of the Sun and character of its "burning" keeping the stability during millions years, do this version of a doomsday improbable. And if to judge on geology of layers of an earth's crust in the nearest historical past of such phenomena which could become the reason of a doomsday and would destroy all alive on the Earth, done not happen. Means, it is not necessary to wait for them in the near future.

However if such will occur a doomsday it will be valid the end. Huge протуберанец can already reach the Earth in 11 minutes after the formation on a surface of the Sun. And even, if it will be short-term process, all equally an ozone cloud sew planets it will be destroyed also a civilization will be lost. Добъёт its rigid scale and x-ray radiation, pernicious for all alive. But viruses and microbes to be kept, in fact they survive in a free space, "travelling" on the Universe on meteorites and ъюьх=р§. 

9. Intrusion of newcomers and destruction of a human civilization by them in 2012.

 -р ё=Ёрэшчх a site  the analysis of the message CON, ьэю¦ the hypothesis about intrusion of aliens has already been considered, the truth in that case it was not considered, how possible the reason of approach of the end ётх=р.
  In brief I shall repeat the arguments here. I do not doubt Of existence of extraterrestrial reasonable essences, as I do not consider the conditions existed during the moment of occurrence of a life on the Earth so exclusive, that they anywhere and never did not arise any more, or will not arise. But here in an opportunity, and the main thing in necessity of intrusion of aliens I do not trust. Not only that essences capable technically to carry out such intervention there should be миролюбивы, differently they, most likely, would destroy itself, on an own planet as it can make unreasonable ёхыютхёхё=тю.
  at friendly aliens I also do not see Necessity for such expansion. Any resources if under resources to understand energy, it is possible "to find" on own star. And ours «разумности» I think, it is not required to them. So, and this script of a doomsday has no chances to be Ёхрышчютрээ№ь. 

10. The computer virus or failure of system maintenance of nuclear arsenals any of the countries possessing the nuclear weapon could  яЁштхё=ш to the beginning of nuclear war in 2012. But I think, that system of start of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, it is not based on "pure", without participation of the person, the decision of computer programs. So the given version of a doomsday in 2012 though is possible, all cannot be chosen, as the most probable. The script of this doomsday coincides with the script of a doomsday caused by technogenic accident.

 11. The Doomsday in 2012, represents the end of the present scientific theory of electromagnetic waves

We Shall stop in brief on this theory, having described it, whenever possible avoiding pseudoscientific phrases and formulas.

Light as now it is considered, represents a mysterious combination of two magic abilities of such elementary particle as a photon. I do not joke. Judge.
on the one hand photons it is the elastic balls flying with speed of light, and capable to beat out электроны from atoms Магичность properties here consists that these balls have no weight , a charge . Fly always with speed of light, however can have different energy. At radiation they are born magic image (for speed of light), and at hit on substance magically die (too for speed of light). It is not enough of it, photons easily pass the friend through the friend as fly in all directions, not changing the speeds and not deviating from an initial direction. And, for example, at reflection from a mirror the photon, before the death remembers, in what direction it flied, so that been born again after reflection, again it to recollect, and to depart further, in strict conformity with the law of reflection (the corner of falling is equal to a corner of reflection).

On the other hand the photon at all and not a ball, and a wave which extends in all directions, can cooperate with other waves ( diffraction and an interference ). Besides, the photon, being neutral (having a zero charge) is a carrier of an electric field between the charged particles. In physical vacuum are born and virtual photons die on one million times a second, being in time during the virtual and fleeting existence to render quite real influence measured by physical devices.

Here such theory of light exists at present (it study at school and institutes), and the end of this theory of light is predicted by us as the most probable, and least destructive of all possible doomsday 2012.

 The Doomsday 2012 - the new theory of electromagnetic waves  

Describes and names a photon in another way, keeping for it many inherent in it, as to a particle-wave of property.               Bion so in the new theory the particle responsible for distribution of light refers to. Bion also as well as the photon has a zero charge, but this charge turns out zero because bion represents a dipole, that is two connected charges of opposite signs (in animation are shown dark blue and red). Bion, unlike a photon does not fly anywhere at reckless speed, and remains always on the place, transferring energy by means of rotation. The poles, positive and negative, it also influences on charged ёрё=шч№. 

Process of radiation is the beginning of rotation bions, transferred then to neighbours, and stopping when energy of rotation is given to substance (is absorbed). Straightforwardness, as well as an orientation in all the parties, speaks in the way of transfer by means of rotations. Other explanations, concerning electromagnetic waves, are resulted on page electromagnetic waves – definitions and the description . Here only we shall note, that a hypothesis about bions as to a polar particle, it has appeared so fruitful, that by means of it we were possible manage and the new theory of gravitation , and a new explanation of a structure black holes and antisubstances , and the new theory of a structure of elementary particles, atoms and molecules, and even to open secrets экстрасенсорных abilities some people.

In the end it is necessary to note, that any script, except for unless flashes on the Sun, will not be a doomsday in full sense, viruses and microbes остануться. But to us from it it will be not easier. So it is necessary to hope that last will be realized, the most peace script of a doomsday. In fact and at Indians майя it is told about regeneration of mankind, and the philosophical component the general theory of interactions approaches such regeneration of people in more intellectual representatives of the reasonable population of the Galaxy. to get acquainted with predictions More in detail is possible on page prophecies майя about a doomsday of 12/21/2012 - sense is opened.

12. With switching-off of an electricity as a result of large failure in any our city-миллионнике, especially in Moscow or Санкт Petersburg, also it is possible to consider the version a small doomsday.
   ¦эюцхё=тю people will get stuck in lifts, the huge quantity will appear under the ground in the underground, in full darkness. In streets it will be created draw-that because of выключеных traffic lights. More shortly a full nightmare. The probability of such event is great. As an example it is possible to result east coast USA, after large failure in electric systems several years ago. The truth we of power approve, that in Russia such cannot happen. But whether it is necessary to trust ours энергетикам?

13. The version of a doomsday in 2012 of that the centers of our Galaxy, Solar system and the Earth will appear on one яЁ ьющ. 

As a result of it, influence of galactic electromagnetic radiations and gravitational influences can amplify gravitational линзированием on the Sun. Formed thus " просветный the beam ", can render unpredictable influence on a magnetic and gravitational field of our planet. The version of a doomsday in 2012 with participation of the Sun becomes all more popular recently as it is considered the most mysterious at present.

14. the Doomsday in 2012 becomes result of development of the world financial and economic crisis which has begun in 2008.
This version does in the beginning of 2011 a new zigzag. It is possible in this connection задасться a question. Whether is the wave of revolutions swept on Northern Africa and the Near East the beginning of the end.

two more versions of a doomsday At the moment prepare, against announcement of one of which I strongly resist. But as it has not sounded already unless only lazy, we shall result the detailed critical analysis of the version with Нибиру.
And here one more reason of a possible doomsday still has not been specified anywhere. We shall open it little bit later as it demands more careful яЁюЁрсю=ъш. 

¤юёых the publication of these two additional versions, we shall receive 16 possible reasons of a doomsday. And all cannot be ignored these reasons.

That will be after a doomsday?

After a doomsday there will come the new world. And here what it will be, depends already on what doomsday all таки will occur  т 2012.
if it will be global accident, most likely, after it there will come long " nuclear winter " upon termination of which the vegetation again will revive. In opinion of doctor Kirshvinga on the Earth already there were the congelations continued on some millions of years. The first congelation has begun about 2 billion years ago. Bacteria появшиеся on the ground on 200 million years earlier (эокариоты) could sustain a congelation as some of them have appeared near to sources of thermal waters. Under an ice covered then all planet gradually the products of their allocation containing oxygen collected. And эокариоты gradually changed. Then on a planet has become warmer, the ice places has thawn, and products created by these bacteria began to mix up with atmospheric metane.

 ‡Ё© one global congelation happens about 800 million years ago. The temperature on all planet on the average made hardly more zero. As a result of development of bacteria there were the first синезелёные seaweed, and oxygen developed by them began to destroy quickly enough a metane atmosphere of the Earth. It has led to growth of temperature. 600 million years ago there were the first multicellular (details on page chemistry  цшчэш) . 

  If there will be a powerful emission of energy of the Sun which will grasp the Earth, after such doomsday, the Earth will remind present Mars.

  But we hope, that the positive script and though, that will be after such doomsday will come true, to tell too difficultly, but it will be absolutely other, optimistic history. When there will be a doomsday under the optimistic script depends only on us, and I suggest you it to approach, becoming the participant of movement the Galaxy of Reason . Whether

 There Will be a doomsday in 2012? 

It actually solving the problem. All our versions can receive acknowledgement or a refutation, and only one of variants of a doomsday in 2012, fortunately, has the positive status. To me as the author of the new theory of light would like that the doomsday in 2012 has marked itself returning of mankind to a way of self-comprehension and development. In fact as I already wrote, a flood described in the bible, on sights of some scientists ючэрёрх=  замутнение human consciousness and as consequence, inability adequately to understand and display world around.

Therefore if you ask me, whether there will be a doomsday in 2012, I shall confidently answer you: yes will be. And it will be a doomsday described in 11 versions. At least I make it all the efforts.
To discuss at a forum the offered versions or to add the theme, devoted to a doomsday.

How to avoid the end ётх=р?

    Those who especially is afraid of a doomsday in 2012, can accept feasible participation during creation of the first UFO on the ground which principle of action is based on substantive provisions of the general theory of interactions. In particular on its conclusions that the gravitational field is a special kind of a magnetic field, and, hence, creating magnetic fields of a special configuration it is possible to achieve display of effect of pushing away between a gravitational field of the Earth and a UFO which engine will create these magnetic fields. Details your possible participations in creation of a UFO

It can be and not turn out, but risk costs. Then it will be possible to avoid a doomsday, simply having departed with this planet.

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