Mayan prophecy
on doomsday 21.12.2012


The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.
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Mayan prophecy on doomsday 21.12.2012.The meaning is clear.

Mayan prophecy about the end of the world on Dec. 21, 2012, may have a definite meaning, not associated with global catastrophes. End of the world in 2012 is unlikely to occur. However, ideas about the changing consciousness of humanity after this date can be quite serious confirmation.
   Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world in 2012. The researchers counted the Mayan calendar in accordance with the modern system of chronology and learned from the mysterious inscriptions interesting information. It turns out that the planet Earth 21/12/2012 year certain events occur. On this day must end 5-e sun and the end of the world. According to the chronology of the Maya, the modern era began August 12, 3114 years BC and should be completed on Dec. 21, 2012 AD Nobody yet has not explained how the Maya have exactly these dates, and what reasons led them to create such a complex system timing. But now, when the "Alarm Clock", created by the Maya, soon ready to ring, we begin to understand that they possessed such knowledge, from which, perhaps, in our time depends on the survival of human civilization! In 2012, during the December solstice sun will be in the zone of the Milky Way. This is not a complicated calculation can be done any astronomer.
   The phenomenon is that, when the Sun is in this zone must occur renewal of the world, his new birth. In short, the Mayan prophecy concerns an event that should change the course of history. Some suggest that the Earth will come a new era - the era of spiritual enlightenment. Others think that the Mayans predicted the end of the world. Some scholars point to the possibility of formation of translucence rays from the center of the galaxy through the center of the solar system to Earth. In the XXI century is not fashionable to take seriously the prophecies about the end of the world 2012. It is considered a product of their superstitious minds and ignore. But learning more about the achievements of the greatest ancient civilization, some inner voice whispers: We must listen to the ancient tradition? Perhaps there is some small chance that the authors of this prophecy is not superstitious savages? Maybe they knew something, why do not we know? What if their prediction of the date of the end of the world will be accurate? Perhaps, somewhere deep in the earth already is brewing a terrible geological catastrophe predicted by the wise men of the Maya. Even by modern standards, the Maya with amazing accuracy the date of certain astronomical events. What are their predictions concerning the events of 2012? Soon find out ...

The meaning of the prophecies of the end of the world in 2012 will try to understand using the method proposed by N.N. Vashekevich in his book "Think speaker system. Phrase end of the world can be interpreted differently. Assuming that the light of current scientific views, is a stream of photons, the emergence of a new scientific theory, such as the general theory of interactions, and proof of its truth, we can take over the world, in scientific understanding of this problem. Consider the meaning of the photon, using the methodology contained in the book "Think System languages". For this we write the word photon in English, and read every letter in Russian. Photon. The first letter П. The second is unreadable, it is omitted. Third letter O, T-fourth, fifth again O. And now look at the last letter in the word. It's a capital Russian letter П. As a result, we have the word ПОТОП. In the same book, the meaning of the word FLOOD explained how, concealment values, loss of knowledge, loss of meaning. It turns out that the photon theory led us away from the true meaning of physical phenomena. And the emergence of an alternative theory of light, can be interpreted as the end of the world, in its modern sense.

  21.12.2012 And here, you ask. It is possible that in this day received the results of experiments, which directly point to the failure of the photon (quantum) theory, and confirm the truth of the views described in the general theory of interactions. Note that in the Mayan calendar prophecies do not come to an end on the date 20.12.2012. After it begins another era, some signs of which are repeated over time with some intervals.

Mayan calendar - a graphic representation of current of time, with the certain cycles, but very rare identical combinations of long, average and short cyclesThe Mayan calendar is shown in the figure below. To understand the significance of the Mayan calendar, it is necessary to decipher the meaning of each of the characters in each of the three circles. In my version of these circles must rotate at a certain speed. The outer circle represents the shortest period of time, called the Katun and equal to approximately 20 years. Medium range indicates the number of katuns average cycle lasting about 260 years. Show us the Mayan calendar with the processes in the universe. In the Mayan calendar takes into account three important astronomical process. This is a precession of Earth's rotation axis, the orientation of the ecliptic plane and the location of our solar system in the Milky Way galaxy. The duration of these processes used in the Mayan calendar. It is derived from the ancient South American civilization by the accurate astronomical observations. Perhaps this information shared with the Mayan people by aliens, or previous advanced civilization of the Earth. At first glance, nothing wrong with this arrangement, the main planes and the possible formation of a beam with translucence, no. Although our knowledge of light and other electromagnetic waves are far from perfect. Possible meaning of the Mayan prophecies on doomsday 21.12.2012, we have already shown. It remains to wait. For those who are very concerned that the Mayan prophecies on doomsday  21/12/2012 materialize in reality, there is a refutation. A study was conducted, which revealed that the lines on the hands of the overwhelming majority of people do not promise them to death in December 2012.

The light in quantum mechanics is an electromagnetic wave. And at the same time, the light is a stream of photons, flying with great speed in all directions. When one goes to another, and why the photons safely penetrate each other? How do they start, because the speed of light is always equal to 300 thousand kilometers per second? Replies understandable to the common man, not possessing knowledge of higher mathematics no. End of a theory of light we predict. Our view of the light, we can show in a simple animation with little explanation. Details on page electromagnetic waves.

And the question of when will be the end of the world 2012, I would have said so. 21/12/2012 End of the world will come together with a correct understanding of what is light. And our answer to the question of when will be the end of the world 2012, has already been given in the pages of this site in the general theory of interactions.

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Mayan prophecy on doomsday 21.12.2012.  

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