The general theory of interactions unites
the quantum mechanics and relativity theory 

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The General Theory of Interactions

                                 The basic principle of the universe

                                  Delusions of modern science

                                  Fundamentals of the common theory of interactions

                  Electromagnetic waves



                                     Electron diffraction

                  Electicity and magnetism

                                                             New theory of gravitation

                                                             Atom and its structure (new theory)

                                                                            Atom emission spectrum discreteness

                                                                            Nucleus and its structure (new theory)

                                     Magic of numbers

                                                 Electron shells of atoms (Alternative theory of electron shell structure)

                                                 Electrical conduction and magnetic properties of matter

                                                 Magnetic susceptibility of different substances (New theory of chemical bond)   

                                                 The nuclear physics

                   Bion structure

                          Particles of the matter (new theory)

                   Neutrino, antimatter and black holes

                   Common observations

                                                               Principle of continuity and a human society


                                                  Questions kosmology

                                                  Information basic of physical processes

                                                  Physical basic of information processes

                                Technical solutions

                                                  Dark energy and dark matter

                   Aliens develop earth science 

                   Mayan prophecy on doomsday 21.12.2012.

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