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Ipatov Paul Alekseevich - the author of the general theory of interactions was born on August, 29th, 1968 in village Lapshinka of Bohr area of the Kaluga region. It last sixth child in family.
 Parents: mother Ipatova (Ignatova) Agrippina Maximovna 1932 of a birth and father Ipatov Alexey Dmitrievich of 1931 of a birth (has died in 1975 of intimate insufficiency).

Ipatov Paul Alekseevich studied since 1975 in an elementary school of state farm Bohr, and with 1978 for 1985 in Балабановской in middles school №1.
After leaving school the faculty of applied astronautics on a speciality a space geodesy has acted in the Moscow institute of engineers of a geodesy, aerophotoshooting and cartography not.

After the second rate of institute has been called in army. In June, 1989 it is demobilized, and has continued training in institute which has ended in February, 1993. On a speciality (a space geodesy and navigation) did not work.

Since November, 2006 alone is engaged in creation of the general theory of the interactions, the new scientific theory alternative to the quantum mechanics and the theory of a relativity.
The basic earnings. Building and painting and decorating.

It is married repeatedly to Khursanova Olesya Viktorovna.
 From first marriage daughter Ipatova Julia Pavlovna. Two boys, Arseny (2006) and Rodion (2010) were born in second marriage.

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