Technical solutions

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

 Technical solutions

Is there an alternative for hadron collider?

Accelerator is the main instrument for research in the field of nuclear physics. I propose an addition in accelerator’s equipment (accelerator with colliding beams or accelerator with fixed target). This addition is able to increase energy of interactions of charged particles.

The main obstacle for interaction of charged particles is their electric repulsing from each other. Now all efforts are bend to increasing of energy of bombarding particle (or increasing of velocity of colliding beam). But there is another way. It is possible to weaken braking effect of electric field in the area of interaction. So our aim is to change configuration shown on the picture 1 to weaken electric repulsing. I want to apply two explanations from the book “General theory of interactions”.

The first explanation. Electromagnetic wave is a process of transmission of energy by the instrumentality of bions’ rotations.

The second one. Polarized light (electromagnetic wave) is a wave in which bions always rotate in one plane.

We need to add one change for carrying out the experiment. It is necessary to place ray of high-polarized light in front of the target and strictly parallel to the target. Plane of polarization must be parallel to the plane of target and perpendicular to the motion vector of bombarding particle. Let’s explain our aim using the pictures.


Bions from surroundings of target nuclei and bions which transfer highly polarized emission will interact. This interaction results in curvature of ray sideways the target. Effect is barely noticeable because of small size of target.

On the other hand electrically oriented near the target nuclei bions will change their positions and decrease electric repulsion between interacting particles.

So bions’ orientation around the target nuclei will change under the influence of highly polarized rays as is shown in the picture.

It is like orientation of bions which create gravitation. It is better to make target slightly salient for approaching of the ray and increasing its effect. In case of accelerator with colliding beams influence of high-frequency polarized electromagnetic wave is necessary

I think it is rather simple way.

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