Questions kosmology

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Questions kosmology

If we try to compare biblical narration about creation of the world and cosmological theories, we can find its cross point. By the one hand it is inability of theories to find reason of origin of the Universe. By the other hand it points at divinity of origin of the world. Look above how could we unite these two attitudes.

So here are my thoughts about cosmology. Let’s begin with present condition of Universe. We can observe two differently directed processes.

The first process is expansion of Universe that is process of decreasing of average value of density of matter.

The second one is formation of black holes that is process of increasing of value of density in local areas of Universe.

Both processes are based on neutrino and antineutrino processes that are gravitational reasons.

So Universe will turn into a huge compilation of black holes, which will unite in one giant black superhole consequently. Quickness will increase hyperbolically.

Arrangement of bions in such compilation will approximate parallel and concentric arrangement simultaneously. But ideal disposition (on the picture below) may be reached only on a minimum possible time period. After that symmetry will be broken and reverse process called Big Bang will begin.

Recently astronomers discovered so-called dark matter in Universe. But nobody can explain its origin. I think that they discovered areas of space which dimensionality is strongly equal two three. So either electric or magnetic oscillation may propagate there. Electromagnetic oscillations (and light too) have no possibility for propagating because of strict three-dimensionality (I explained it earlier in chapter devoted to bion structure).

Why do process of black holes approaching change into another process? Let’s remember about antiparticles and anti black holes. After uniting of all black holes consisting of matter and black holes consisting of antimatter in two huge compilations, time for uniting comes. But as we know annihilation is colossal energetic collapse. Bions’ movement will result in violation of their “parallel symmetry” and formation of elementary particles of bions. After that comes time for formation of protons and neutrons, atoms and molecules, matter and cell, organisms and intellect. So Universe will come into condition we observe now. That is such a simple opinion about processes of development of our Universe.

Now let’s speak about other wonderful mystery of nature – about life. Here is definition from vocabulary. Life is the form of existence of protein bodies.

I think that this definition is rather limited. It affirms that nonprotein forms of life are impossible. According to the principle of continuity it is wrong statement. Let’s explain reasons of originating of living organisms and why it is based on hydrocarbon compounds. One of unique traits is already described. Amount of vacancies in carbon atom is equal to amount of its peaks. Ability of formation of double and triple bonds and polymeric molecules is a result of such equality.

Second trait is generally a result of first. In our definition life is the way of management of energy. Some atoms may change type of their bond from vacant to vacant-peak and vise versa. Such change is very simple for carbon because of equality of amount of vacancies to amount of peaks. And spatial arrangement of peaks and vacancies may be symmetrical relative to nucleus. Amount of transitions from vacant bond to vacant-peak may change from one to four. Such atoms in number of 4, 6 or 8 even with one changed bond may form regular structures. Energy of such changes or carbon seems to be the one of the least.

In case of hydrocarbon everything is analogous. It may take part in vacant and vacant-peak bonds. I think that chemists now are able to understand why iron acts very important part in porphyrinic complex. It may be that magicness of number of electrons in iron atom displays here. This number is equal to sum of 20 and 6. The same we can say about such elements as magnesium, calcium and others.

Now let’s discuss questions concerning to the origin of intellect. Don’t confuse it with mind, which is available for every material objects. Mind gives possibility to use information. Of course there is no obvious limit between mind and intellect. But we can mention some stages of transition from mind to intellect. Sense bodies help us.

Sense of touch requires for direct contact, so it is the most energetically crude instrument. Primitive organisms react to this contact too.

Sense of smell is less expressed energetically. Its action becomes apparent in case of significantly lesser influence. Sometimes amount of several molecules is enough to receipt of olfactory sensation. Gustatory sensations are the same.

Hearing is the instrument for distant actions. It doesn’t require for direct contact, but requires for conductive material medium. In that case energy dispersion may be very significant.

And finally the vision. It doesn’t require for material conductors and influence on organ of sight is lesser than in case of others instruments of informational contact.

May be human’s ability to perceive bion’s signals (not electromagnetic oscillations) will increase in future. Now we call such ability clairvoyance and telepathy.

This signal is certain succession of bions’ positions. It is more considerable spatially than ray of light, it carries more information and requires for less energy. Such succession is called thought now (if we speak about intellect) or event (in case of some action).

Human’s brain is able to receive such signals too, but only few people can work up this signal. We call these people extrasensory individuals and clairvoyants. I think that everybody has premises for development of this ability. And those people who aspire for it will get the most powerful instrument for cognition of world and intellect.

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