Physical basis
of information processes


The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Physical base of informational processes

As usual we’ll base our conclusions on principle of continuity, so it is necessary to realize in details results of implementation of principle of continuity in solving problems concerning to the higher nervous activity of humans.

1. Information is recorded in brain permanently. This process starts with conception and (may be) finishes when human dies.

2. Brain is able to recollect any information concerning to certain individual. It may be information about his feels, thoughts, activities etc. information, which human gets by the instrumentality of his sense bodies is always available too.

3. Information is kept not only in brain, but in every cell of organism too.

4. There is inner chronometer in our organism, which helps us to orient in the informational stream.

What is the way of implementation of process, which is described above?

Answer is usual. Let’s remember that bions are major building material of Universe and human too. Their size, which exact value we couldn’t calculate, allows implementing infotainment in every material object. Now let’s discuss probable variant of brain structure. I think that dynamics of the bions becomes apparent in neurons to the highest degree. In that case dynamics is ability of bions to take shapes of any spatial configurations for display of received information.

The basic informational scale of organism is time scale. Here is description of its physical structure. Every bion is able to orient by the certain way. Let’s show the way of designation of time scale in our organism.


All scales of conditions (senses, hunger, emotions, physical parameters of organism, thoughts) are formed analogously. These scales are more stressed emotionally. So they are more slow concerning to the information interchange. Here is the picture.


This picture shows unification of several scales.


Does it remind you something biological? I mind DNA and protein structure. Time line isn’t straight. It crosses itself in so-called backtracking point, in which brain returned earlier for certain information. These points become centers of reflex formation and analytic thinking is based on these points. If certain sequence lets to required result than brain receives stimulative signal (positive emotions) which increases size of perception plane. So it becomes easy to take to this plane next time.

Expression “tangle of thoughts” rather exactly describes this phenomenon.

Way of returning may be electrical. Electroencephalograms affirm it.

Now let’s discuss such “unscientific” conceptions as clairvoyance, telepathy etc. I think that receiver of bion signals is in the brain of every human. But many of these receivers are not so powerful to pick up other people’s or events’ signals. But persons with extrasensory perception have more powerful receivers. I want to describe such signal in details. If such configuration of bions periodically occur than human’s brain is able to single it out of all compilation of bions, compare with existing patterns and make certain conclusion, based on this comparison.


Let’s explain why devices are not able to do it. Firstly devise registers the whole stream of bions’ positions without detailing, so background noise exceeds signal level. Secondly signal level may be out of response limit of the device.

How does information reach for person with extrasensory perception? It transfers by the instrumentality of bions, which fill all space.

Sometimes different people make their discoveries simultaneously.

I don’t affirm that it is absolute truth, but there is something rational.

Here is one advice for students. Load studying process with positive emotions. It expands the perception plane. So it is easier to return to this information. Very good method is adduced in book “Superstudying 2000” (Sorry, but I don’t remember author’s surname).

It is nice for brain to return in moments of comfort. So positive emotions must take place in studying process. You know that it is easy to remember lucky and happy chances without making any efforts.


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