Neutrino, antimatter and black holes

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Neutrino, antimatter and black holes

Let’s ask usual questions. What is neutrino? What is the structure of antimatter? What are “black holes”?

Here are my considerations about such elusive particle as neutrino. All processes, where neutrino becomes apparent, are called weak couplings. Let’s explain origin of these processes. Imagine bions which form elementary particle and some external action breaks symmetry of these bions’ arrangement. Two identical charges (positive for example) interact and repulse from each other. It results in rearrangement of frameworks (that is formation of new particles) or in decay of the particle. Neutrino carries energy away.

Let’s consider properties of the neutrino.

1. Electrical neutrality

2. It doesn’t assist in strong interactions.

3. Mass is equal to the zero.

But not everything is clear with the last property. According to the imperceptibility of neutrino, mass must be equal to the zero. But how can it transfer energy? At present answer is very obscure. Here is my opinion. There is no such particle as neutrino. IT DOESN’T EXIST. Missing energy is carried away by the special wave. Such waves are called solitons. Usual waves have peaks and troughs, which recur periodically, but soliton has only one peak, which can move over huge distances almost without damping. These waves can move through each other without changing their form. I think that neutrino is electric soliton. I don’t use the word “electromagnetic”, because there is no rotation of the bions. In case of rotation existence it is usual electromagnetic wave, which is easy to fix. Picture below explains everything.

Bions move to each other (neutrino, below) or move apart (anti neutrino, above). First and second bions move initially (from the place of so-called weak interaction), than second and third one, than third and fourth until all energy spends on bions\ movement. Bions move in different directions, but only along one ray. Here is obvious example. Train pulls first coach, first coach pulls the second one and etc.

That is longitudinal electric wave (picture 1) or longitudinal magnetic wave (picture 2).

But in this case we can make a fantastic conclusion that VELOCITY OF LIGHT ISN’T HIGHEST POSSIBLE VELOCITY. Velocity of neutrino must be insignificantly more than velocity of light. The reason is that in this case circle turns into straight line. Moving along straight line is faster than moving along circle.

How can we check it? In case of supernova explosion neutrino wave must reach Earth earlier than supernova outburst. Of course lag depends on distance from supernova. There was nothing for it but to wait for such outburst. Unfortunately we need to know what area of sky we need to observe.

Let’s pay attention to the fact that antineutrino processes occur more often, so these processes are the main reason of expansion of the Universe.

Antimatter was described before. According to our theory amount of particles must be always equal to the amount of antiparticles. But modern cosmological theory affirms that in certain moment “amount of particles was rather more than amount of antiparticles”. But nobody explains this asymmetry.

Now let’s speak about black holes. There are two reasons why black holes don’t radiate and reflect the light.

There is the first reason. If black holes are objects with very high electric tensity, than rotation of bions (which transfers electromagnetic oscillations) is impossible.

I think it is the case when new galaxies occur from such very big “black holes”. It is analogous with nucleus of an atom, in which positively charged neutrons are hold by gravitation forces. When distance between protons increases to the value when free bion can repulse two bions collapse begins. This collapse results in supernova outburst or galaxy formation.

Second variant is based on statement that dimensionality of space can vary within wide limits. When it greatly differs from 3, curvature of bions results in formation of very heavy and very small objects. Bions’ rotations, which create gravitation, are very intensive and prevent electromagnetic waves from propagation.

In that case black holes are the centers of neutrino formation. Bions are oriented only gravitationally. It is a reason why it is impossible to transfer of electromagnetic emission in black holes.

What corroborations can we find in the world around us? I mean real world but not that one which is assumed by scientists. The first corroboration is failure to implement the principle of superposition in case of huge tensity of electromagnetic fields.


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