The General Theory of Interactions

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the
relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Electron diffraction 

Author Ipatov Pavel



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The General Theory of Interactions

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Electron diffraction.

Let’s speak about electron diffraction on two slits. It is obvious, that every electron passes through only one slit. It is obvious too, that diffraction pattern is observed only when both slits are open. Diffraction pattern doesn’t depend on the frequency of electrons’ flights through the slits. I’ll explain reasons of this result. In truth, places of photographic plate darkening, which caused of hits of electrons, are located strictly behind the slits. Picture changes because of bions, which begin to rotate owing to electrons flying through these bions. Picture changes because of bions, which begin to rotate when electrons move through them. Such rotation results in darkening of photographic plate in places, which bions hit being in the same phase from different slits. Places, which bions hit, being in antiphase, don’t grow dark. So diffraction pattern of the electrons is combination of two pictures: darkening of photographic plate strictly behind the slits as a result of hits of electrons and interference and diffraction pattern as a result of rotating of the bions.

So there is no single uncertainty.

Let’s mention about the result of uncertainty relation for energy. It means that energy can increase without any reason in certain point of time. According to the Einstein relation it will mean that a certain mass appears and it is impossible to stop its gravitational influence, because it spreads with the velocity of light in certain point of time.

Conclusion. Indeterminancy principle is not fundamental proposition; it is indicator of our inability to carry out more accurate measurements. Minimum energy of the bions’ rotation, which we can’t measure, is the reason for this restriction. Subsequent deductions from Heisenberg uncertainty principle are, of course, erroneous. Speed of measuring devices is limited by velocity of signal propagation, and its linear accuracy is limited by size of bion. But bion can turn on any infinitesimal angle and transmit any infinitesimal energy. The matter is that we can’t register these changes by the instrumentality of modern devices.

There is no necessity at uncertainty principle, so we will give it up as useless and even harmful, because it contradicts the principle of continuity. Let’s make at last decisive and fundamental conclusion from analysis of foregoing formula.

In truth formula is correct, but conclusion must be other.

No one particle in the Universe can stop its motion even for a moment. That is no one particle (including bions) can be absolutely stable concerning to other physical entities. Particle moves through any point of space with certain velocity.

Now let’s compare our views and statements from textbooks.

Electromagnetic wave is variable electromagnetic field, which propagate in space with terminal velocity. Field is defined as form of matter, which implements interactions between electric charges. Don’t forget, that wave is a process of oscillation propagation. What does oscillate, when electromagnetic wave propagates? Here is an answer from textbooks. Magnetic and electric field vectors oscillate. In addition, it is not clear, what is it magnetic and electric field. And processes of oscillating of vectors weren’t described I mathematics. There are no such descriptions in scientific literature.

Quantum mechanics affirms that light is a flow of photons, moving with the velocity of light. We can add another question, concerning light reflection, to the questions from the first chapter of our book. How can photon change direction of its motion (sometimes on absolutely contrary), moving always with the velocity of light? May be it is absorbed when reflects and another photon appears immediately. But how does it know direction of further movement to implement reflection law. The same thing is with refraction. And one more question. Frequency of photon – what is it?

Let’s add any details of reflection, which explain our view.


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