The General Theory of Interactions

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the
relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Electricity and magnetism 

Author Ipatov Pavel



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The General Theory of Interactions

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Electricity and magnetism

Unfortunately we didn’t succeed in fathoming the mystery of structure of electric charge. But other than that we can see picture stated below. Any charge (for example negative) creates such orientation of bions around itself (look at the picture).


Positive charges of the bions are oriented to negative charges. More distant bions remain such orientation too right up to infinity (theory of superstring comes to mind) or influence of another charge. In that case orientation of the bions will depend on sign of charge (both cases are on the picture).



It is clear that bions orientate themselves along the lines at present called the lines of electrostatic field. Now the answer on one profound question becomes obvious. Where is concentrated the energy of electromagnetic field? Previously answer wasn’t so obvious. If energy is concentrated only on charge, where is the source of energy in space? If energy is concentrated in ambient space, than charge is emptiness without any spatial length (non-dimensional point).

In this case everything is explained like that. The main part of energy belongs to charge, which have definite dimensions. But energy of electrostatic field is energy of ordered arrangement of bions (every order has energy base). Now it is clear how distant charges “feel” each other. These “sense bodies” are bions oriented in a certain way.

Let’s try to explain dependence expressed in terms of Coulomb's law. Density of bions’ positions at a distance of R away from the charge is inversely proportional with the area of sphere with respective radius. When radius rises in n times, density of electrically oriented bions increases in … times. Increasing of value of attractive charge in n times lets to the increasing of density of bions on the surface of sphere, which has such radius, in … times. So we got dependence expressed in terms of Coulomb's law accurate within coefficient.

Let’s consider so-called homogeneous electric field, which has parallel force lines. How can we achieve it? It is achieved by the use of more and more compaction of charges on the one of the plates. Therefore density of bions’ location increases too (look at the picture).

In the first case intensity of electrostatic field is less than in second. When charge moves in such field it changes its direction because of fact that halves of the bions charged with opposite sign and halves, that push away, are on the opposite sides of the charge. And pulling bions are located nearer than pushing away. In case of breakdown bions pull charge from the surface of plate A, and charge moves to the plate B.

Here is one quotation. “Modern physics considers fields as an original form of matter realizing different interactions between bodies and particles, and behavior of this matter doesn’t submit to the Newton's laws. For example process of propagation and stabilization of field in the space progresses with the velocity of light and it is impossible to connect reference frame with the field. Two fields don’t interact but only collide with each other in one region of space, if their intensities are not too big. It is so called field superposition principle, which permits to calculate total intensity in the certain point of space by the instrumentality of addition of all field vectors situated in this point”*(1). It is rather obscure explanation. And this incomprehensibility is a result of abstractness. Let’s compare above definition with mathematical definition of the field.

Field is the set of elements, for which arithmetical notions are definite.

We notice that meaning of definition of conception is discarded again (firstly it was in case of definition of the wave). Conception of the field implies a set of elements. But elements aren’t mentioned in modern views of the field. And the set of arithmetic notions used for real physical fields is rather incomplete. There are only velocity of propagation and vectorial type of addition. That’s all consequences of discrete method. To be discrete in their reasonings scientists need to find carriers of the field. And they do it by the instrumentality of photons, pions, phonons, gluon and etc. we can continue this list ad infinitum.

Equality of velocity of stabilization of the field and propagation of electromagnetic oscillations is obvious in our case. Bions must turn into electrically oriented position for stabilization of the field. And velocity of light, as was mentioned above, is velocity of transmitting of rotations.

Wrong definition results in many other mistakes. For example.

Potential field is the field, in which work of movement bodies from one position to another doesn’t depend from trajectory, but depends only from initial final positions.

Here is a mistake: work performed against forces of the field and work performed by the field can’t have the same source of energy.

Secret is concealed here. If we try to explain everything in terms of bion environment, we understand that changes in bion orientation are so insignificant, that it is impossible to notice such change of energy.

Make charge moving and look what happens. Charge will turn bions, what results in occurring of magnetic field. Here is perfect analogy with large-scale processes.


Turns of all bions occur in concord.

In case of uniform motion bions have the opportunity to turn synchronously without breaking processes of turning of adjacent bions. In case of charge moving with acceleration coordinated rotating of bions becomes impossible. One or several bions rotate on one or several revolutions. A part of energy of moving charge wastes on this rotation. So we have a picture of emission in case of accelerating moving of a particle. Amount of rotating bions depends on changing of velocity of particle. Try to remember how emission of a particle moving with acceleration explains in textbooks. I couldn’t remember any such explanations. This fact is stated without explanation of its cause.

But here we can point to another conclusion. It becomes clear, why no one particle can move faster than velocity of light. When velocity of a particle verges towards velocity f light, bions have to move faster, following its movement. But such increasing of bions’ rotation can last only till the moment when velocity of rotation reaches its limit (velocity of light). Then bions, being incapable of faster rotation, will slow down any acceleration of a particle. In truth, bions will do it earlier, requiring certain energy for their rotation. Now such build-up of energy is explaining with the instrumentality of mass increase, but it is rather disputable conclusion.

Then we can say with confidence that magnetic field corresponds dynamic configuration of bions stated below.


It is worth mention that magnetic field doesn’t show its worth until appearance of objects, ehich it can affect on (for example electric charge or compass needle).

Let’s take a good look at positive moving particle.

Proton flies into magnetic field and bions rotate clockwise.

Further pictures are only for the first example, because second will be the same.


So, moving particle has rather complicated trajectory in magnetic field. Let’s try to understand its form. In truth, it becomes clear, that deflecting force described as cycloid.


In the picture you can see that lifetime of force, which changes direction of movement of the particle counterclockwise is longer than lifetime of farce, which changes direction of movement of the particle clockwise. So works will be different too. In the issue we have this form of trajectory of charged particle in magnetic field.


Picture A shows trajectory of positively charged particle for the case from previous pictures (magnetic field is very weak). Picture B explains the trajectory of negatively charged particle. In that case value of magnetic induction changed, therefore amount of “petals” increased. Every “petal” means one period of cycloid.

Radius grows in case of increasing of the velocity. When force of magnetic field increases, amount of “petals” grows too and trajectory of a particle more and more approximate to the circle (painted with color in the pictures). So, all our conclusions coincide with results of the experiments, making them more exact. By the way assertion that magnetic field doesn’t affect rest charge, is easily explained too.

I didn’t find in textbooks even a question, which must puzzle everybody who begins to study magnetic phenomena. Here is this question. Why doesn’t magnetic moment depend on the form of magnetic loop? It depends only on the square of the loop. I think that such question isn’t asked because nobody knows the answer. But if we base conclusions on our theory, answer becomes obvious. Magnetic field of loop is the sum of magnetic fields of the bions. And amount of bions, creating magnetic field, doesn’t depend on its form. It is formed only by the square of the loop.

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