Dark energy and dark matter

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Dark energy and dark matter

Firstly I want to remind fundamental statements of “General theory of interactions”, which are the base for our explanations of conception of “dark energy” and “dark matter”.

I think that bions are major building material of the Universe. Bion is elementary dipole. It creates all physical (force) fields by the instrumentality of its different orientations in space and interconnected actions. Bions united in spatial frameworks form all known (and undiscovered) particles. Lifetime of the particles depends on their similarity to the shapes of regular polyhedrons. So proton and neutron are frameworks which take shape of polyhedron, but in case of proton there is a positive charge insight the framework. Electron is framework which takes shape of cube.

Regularity of cube and tetrahedron is the reason of almost infinite lifetime of proton end electron.

Earlier I pointed at bion’s property called dynamics. Let’s explain it in details.

Bion changes its inherent properties subject to the area of space. I mean its size and curvature. What are the reasons of such changes? Properties depend on so-called gravitational “tension” of area of bion’s location.


Bion’s dynamics changes very slowly and may be observed only in huge distances.

Bion’s curvature and dimensionality of space are interconnected values. But light is transferred by instrumentality of bions’ rotation, so it is very hard to notice this curvature. But it is reason of gravitation occurrence.

Now let’s pass on the explanation of “dark energy” phenomenon and consider area of space, which dimensionality is close to three (for example 3.000000000581). What does it mean? Here is an answer. In that case bion will behave like straight (in contrast to curved one). Light becomes polarized in this area of space. So it will propagate only in one direction. Bion will rotate in one plane. This plane will depend on bion’s rotation sum energy, which is received from different areas of space.


It is analogous with phenomenon of black hole, which doesn’t emit light too. But there is important difference. In case of black hole rotation is impossible because of close-packed arrangement of bions (and bions are curved). In case of “dark energy” transferring of light signals is impossible because of bion’s straightforwardness (look at the pictures). 

black holeThere are many areas of space which dimensionality is close to three. So we have one of the possible explanations of “dark energy” phenomenon.

Value of so-called “darkness” is different for different objects. But it occurs in case of very intensive resultant bion’s rotations. I think that “dark matter” exists for a short period of time because existence of certain mass in space lets to the curvature of bions. But it is necessary to think over the problem of duration of its lifetime.

All explanations correspond to the “General theory of interactions”.

And here is one obligatory notice. Lifetime of “dark matter” in certain area of space may not be eternal because of influence of areas of space, which dimensionalities differs from three. These areas influence on each other and it results in permanent changes.

It is easy to check this statement. Try to screen with the laser beam another more weak emission, which propagates perpendicularly to the laser beam. Although reservation that superposition is true of fields of low tension is presented even in textbooks in case of description of field superposition principle.


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