of the common theory of interactions


The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Fundamentals of the common theory of interactions

  All theory is based on the single principle. It is universal. It is applicable and it can be applied always, irrespective of any conditions of consideration of physical, chemical, biological and even thinking processes.

  This principle is the principle of continuity.

It affirms that no one really existent process can start spontaneously and vanish completely without a trace. All processes describable with mathematical function can be computed only by the use of continuous functions.

  “Strictness” of the energy conservation law is the main corroboration of the principle of continuity.

Concept of the field is the second base concept of the universal theory of interactions. We borrowed it from mathematics. Here it is.

  Field is the set of elements, for which arithmetical operations are definite.

This definition is based on the principle of continuity too. It requires description of element, which is responsible for the all kinds of the fields and interactions.

  This element is obviously definite in our theory in contrast to the theories of quantum mechanics and relativity theory, which are prevailing at the moment.

  This element is called bion. Space of Universe, both vacuum and particles, consist of bions. Bion is infinitesimal dipole that is the particle, consisting of two unlike charges bound with each other.


Bion is infinitesimal dipole that is the particle, consisting of two unlike charges bound with each other.

But this picture is simplified. In truth, we must represent bion like this, following the principle of continuity.

It is impossible to identify distinct bounds of the bion, because all transitions are very fuzzy.

 So electric field in any region of space is the zone of coordinated in a certain way bions.

 Electric field of elektronElectric field

Energy, which is necessary for the gaining of such location and orientation of bions is field energy. Electricity and magnetism

Magnetic field is the certain dynamic conformation of location and movement of bions.

Picture describes magnetic field. Electricity and magnetism

Magnetic field






















Gravitational field by analogy with magnetic field is presented by means of slightly other location and movement of bions. New theory of gravitation.

Gravitational field













It is easy to imagine picture of joint operation of electric and gravitational forces without recourse to the quantum and probabilistic approaches.

  Gravitational field + electric field of proton

Marked out bions are oriented radially – they transmit electric influences. Other bions transmit gravitation interactions.

Combination of two kinds of movement is explained below.

Process of electromagnetic oscillation propagation we can describe like this.

Electromagnetic wave ( side view)


Electromagnetic wave propagation (light propagation) is the rotation transfer from one bion to another. Speed of rotation transferring is equal the speed of light.

This picture describes transferring of nonpolarized light.

 Electromagnetic wave

Front elevation is different for polarized light, because every bion rotates only in one plane. When particles move through the bions, bions rotate in a certain way (details will be below). These rotations create wave called de Brogile wave. Details.

Formation of elementary particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.), formation of atoms (nuclei and electron sheaths) from such particles, combination of atoms with each other during molecules formation – all these processes arise from similar plans. Particles (bions at first stage) form closed spatial frameworks, which tend to approximate their forms to regular polyhedrons (cube, tetrahedron, octahedron, icosahedron, dodecahedron).

Magic numbers in nuclear physics and divisibility of the most stable electron sheaths on 8 and 20 result from this phenomena.


Proton and neutron will be in the form of tetrahedrons. Figures in the form of regular polyhedrons or close to spherical are composed of magic number of tetrahedrons. Bion structure.

Mass is the characteristic of material bodies, which makes it possible to create in space around them rotation of the bions. Gravitation interactions are implemented by means of these rotations. So such aggregations of bions, which create in space around them backward rotation of the bions will be antiparticles.  Details.

Let’s explain why protons in nucleus don’t push off each other.

Nuclear forces do not exist. Radius of gravitation interaction is less then radius of electric interaction - it is the reason for stable state of nucleus (you can see it on the picture). Gravitation keeps these charges in immediate proximity from each other up to attainment of certain distance between similar charges, because it is impossible to reach such orientation of bions, which can implement electrostatic repulsion.  Details.

 Nuclear forces - explanation

Discontinuity of emission spectrum of the atom is explained of necessity of concordance of two values: the energy of bion rotation and atom rotation and periods between concordances of emitting locations.  Details.

Discontinuity of emission spectrum of the atom - explanation

Neutrino is not a particle; it is an electromagnetic wave, which propagation velocity is a little higher then the velocity of light. Details.

Bion changes subject to the area of the Universe which it occupies. This implies that distance between its positive and negative poles grows increases or decreases. The angle of the bion’s bending changes too. Velocity of light and constant of gravitation changes as a result of it. All of it applies to the dimensionality of space, which is created by bions in this area of Universe.

Application of the probabilistic methods to the one particle is the logical mistake of quantum mechanics theory.

Using invariance of interval conception instead of invariance of energy conception is the logic mistake of the relativity theory. Using of the Lorentz transformations is mistake too, because such transformations are two-dimensional.

Explanation of the result of Michelson experiment (although reality of dynamic ether is proved) and answers on almost every question you will find in this book.

 The general theory of interaction - a new scientific theory unifying all types of physical fields. Modern alternative to quantum mechanics and relativity theory. The figure shows the relationship sections of the general theory of interactions, as well as the relationship between various physical phenomena.

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