and its structure ( new theory )


The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

Nucleus and its structure

Electrons can be near the nucleus without rotation, because positively charged nucleus is a source of confining force for them. But we can’t use such method for atom nucleus, because there is no any force, which can keep protons together in nucleus. Modern scientists use conception of so called nuclear forces for explanation of this phenomenon. Let’s enumerate qualities of these forces and show that it is easy to explain all these qualities by the instrumentality of their gravitation origin.

1. Nuclear forces are the forces of attraction, because they keep nucleons inside the nucleus (in case of very great convergence nuclear forces become the forces of repulsion).

2. Nuclear forces are not electrical, because they effect not only between protons, but between neutrons, which have no charge. Nuclear forces are not gravitation, because these ones are very insignificant for explanation of nuclear effects.

3. Area of action of nuclear forces is negligibly small. Radius of their effect is …. Nuclear interaction doesn’t appear in case of large distances.

4. Nuclear forces (where they effect) are very intensive. Such intensity is rather more than intensity of electromagnetic forces, because nuclear forces keep together protons of like charge, which repulse each other with great electrical forces.

5. Nuclear forces have the quality of saturation, which is analogous to valence of chemical forces. In compliance with this quality one nucleon interacts with some adjacent nucleons, but not with all.

6. Charge independence is a main quality of nuclear forces. It is identity of three types of nuclear interactions: between two protons, between proton and neutron and between two neutrons.

Let’s explain our view concerning this problem. We will consider consecutive approaching of two protons and changes in their bion surroundings.

Bion surrounding of protons isn’t strained in case of rather large distances between protons. Approaching by the instrumentality of some forces lasts.

Now bion surrounding is partially strained. Such deformation results in decreasing of approaching velocity (bions, which surround one proton, interact with bions, which surround second one). Further approaching occurs if protons have enough energy. Deformation of bion surrounding will happen until bion location, which implement electrical repulsion, become impossible.

Under such conditions two of bions, which are located between protons, can implement only gravitational interaction (look in the picture).

If approaching won’t finish thereupon, then protons will displace last bions, located between them, and interact with each other, repulsing using electric way. Thereby we have real picture without invention of nuclear forces.

In case of maximal approaching of electron to nucleus K-capture will occur.

However in case of real existence of nuclear forces formation of nuclei, consisting of only protons or only neutrons, is possible. But it was never noticed.

All these reasonings are correct for unlike charges. There is feasible situation, when unlike charges stop to attract each other. This conclusion we will use further. Thereby we explain why electrons don’t repulse from each other.

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