The General theory of interactions

The general theory of interactions is alternative to
the quantum mechanics and the relativity theory.

The new theory explains the reasons of occurrence of quantum effects
and shows as well as why the space is bent.

The author Ipatov Paul

The General Theory of Interactions

 The general theory of interactions is the new theory uniting all known kinds of physical interactions. 
    It consists :1. the new theory of distribution of electromagnetic fluctuations;
                    2. the new theory of a structure of elementary particles, atoms, molecules and the new theory of a chemical bond;
                    3. the new theory of gravitation;
                    4. the theory of occurrence of a life and reason.

The general theory of interactions is based on a unique principle - a continuity principle.

If you wish to make quickly to yourselves representation about the theory,  read "Fundamentals of the common theory of interactions" and solve, whether it is necessary to you to waste time on detailed acquaintance to it.

The general theory of interactions

The new general theory of interactions (общая теория взаимодействий) based on a single principle known since the days of Aristotle, he said that nature didn’t make leaps. Our new theory shows how without probabilistic methods and virtual particles can combine all the known types of physical interactions.

The new theory based on the principle of continuity comes to understanding the structure of physical vacuum, and as a consequence, to a simple description of all interactions and many other physical processes. The general theory of interactions is an alternative standard model. It doesn’t use hidden dimensions, virtual particles or uncertain concepts, and describes the observed phenomena mostly rely on classical physics.


A theory is the more impressive the greater

the simplicity of its premises, the more different

kinds of things it relates, and the more extended

is its area of applicability.

A. Einstein.

Hello, dear readers. We are going to a fascinating journey on the expanses of the Universe and on the depths of the human mind. Although we will consider very important and difficult at first sight question, I promise you to try and to do everything that you won’t bored.

I warn of that there will be described completely new general theory of the organization of the world. However, it (the theory) won’t demand of any improbable assumptions, and in its conclusions and consequences will describe the reality around us.

Moreover, the description given by the general theory of interactions will be more understandable, more obvious and more consistent than those that exist at the moment. With the help of my new theory I could easily retrace the connections between such seemingly unrelated phenomena as the structure of the atom and Universe expansion, rectilinear of the propagation of light and electrical conductivity of metals, the possibility of existence of black holes and location at close quarters similarly charged protons in the atomic nucleus. My reasoning based on a single, obvious principle and on the undeniable results of the experiments which have been carried out with many scientists before me.

The general theory of interaction based on the principle of continuity.

The first step in creating a general theory was the materialization of an abstract principle of continuity to the real world, which we see around us. As a result of the materialization author has come to the conclusion about the existence of the internal structure of physical vacuum. The vacuum is space which continuously fills with the fundamental particles – the Bions. The various movements, locations and combinations of the Bions are able to explain all the richness and diversity of nature and mind.

As a result was created the new general theory, which is based on one principle, and therefore on the same, consistent and logically related visible (material) not virtual particles, describes the phenomena of nature and the phenomena of the human mind.

The theses of the general theory of interactions

Theses of the general theory of interaction reflect the existing reality of the world, because they don’t use the concept of virtual reality to explain the physical processes. Theses of the general theory of interactions are simple, consistent and give a basis for future development of scientific views. Theses of the general theory of interactions are a single structure, giving possibility to watch the connection between various physical phenomena and processes or objects.

The general theory of interaction based on a single principle. This principle is general that is applicable and is always applied, irrespective of any conditions of consideration of the of physical, chemical, biological and even intellect processes.

The main thesis is the principle of continuity.

The principle of continuity means that no one really existing process in the nature can’t begin and end spontaneously. All processes, which can be described by mathematical formulas, can be calculated only with help of the continuous dependences or functions. All the changes have their own reasons, the speed of transmission of any interactions depend on the properties of the environment in which objects are interacting. But these objects in turn change the environment in which they are located and interact.

The main proof of the principle of continuity can be considered “severity” of implementation of the law of conservation of energy.

The second basic concept of the general theory of interaction is the concept of a field. Definition of the field we borrowed from mathematicians, and this is how it looks.

The field is a great number of elements for which defined arithmetic. The field is also continuously - one element of the field proceeds into the other smoothly, the boundary between them can’t be indicated.

This definition of the field follows from the principle of continuity. It (the definition) requires the description of the element which responsible for all kinds of fields and interactions.

In the general theory of interactions, in contrast to the theories dominant at the moment, quantum mechanics and relativity theory, such an element is defined explicitly.

This element is the Bion (the picture below). All the space of the Universe, vacuum, and the particles are composed of the Bion. The Bion is the elementary dipole, particle consisting of two coupled, identical in size, but different in sign, charges. The total charge of the Bion is zero.  

However, this picture of the Bion is given with us only for simplicity. In fact, in obedience to the principle of continuity, the Bion has been drawn the following way.


Borders of the Bion can’t be indicated so long as all transitions are very, very smooth. Therefore, the Bions practically haven’t got the internal friction among themselves.

The picture shows the physical vacuum not in a chaotic state, where Bions oriented as shown in the picture there is an electric field.

Confirmation of this point of view (that the so-called physical vacuum consists of dipoles) can be considered relatively recently discovery of the vacuum polarization and the fact that the amplitude of any electromagnetic wave is always the same.

With help of mathematics we will show that the distribution of the Bions can be continuous. Look at the picture.

Distribution of the Bions in space can be described by continuous mathematical function based on the sinusoid. In the “intervals” between the Bions the value of charges (positive and negative) is close to zero at longer distant than inside the Bion.

I think that you have no doubt about the continuity of the sinusoid. Such a charge distribution occurs in all three coordinate planes. Charge is zero at the point of transition from one Bion to another, so rotation with very little “resistance” becomes possible. In our view, the “resistance” equal to the energy of Planck's constant for the distance passed by light in one second (that is, the energy is expended by propagation of electromagnetic wave, and the greater the farther the path of wave propagation).

The electric field in the general theory of interactions.

The existence of electric field in any area of space will be represented as zone concordantly located and oriented in a certain way Bions.

Electric field - the description

The electric field of a point charge and the electrostatic field in the space between the plates are shown in the picture. Electric field energy will be the energy that must be used for achievement such an arrangement and orientation of the Bions.

For further details see page “The electric field and magnetism (new theory)”.

The magnetic field in the general theory of interactions.

The magnetic field will represent a dynamic configuration of the location and movement of the Bions.

The picture describing the magnetic field is shown below. For further details see page “The electric field and magnetism (new theory)”.

All the Bions rotate synchronously. The strength of magnetic field is determined by the speed of rotation of the Bions. The magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of the picture and turn away.

The general theory of interactions and gravitation.

The gravitational field by analogy with the magnetic will be represented by the location and rotation of the Bion several other types. Axis of the Bion rotation direct to the center of mass. All the Bion in the same layer rotate in the same direction and with the same frequency. Frequency of the Bion rotation is an indicator of gravitational forces; it sinks by move away from the physical object inversely to the square of the sphere of radius moving away. Causes of rotation of the Bions, occurring around the bodies are shown on the next pages.

For further details see page “The new theory of gravitation”.

The mass is properties of material bodies or elementary particles to create in a space around themselves the Bions rotation. For particles the Bions rotation, which creates gravity, occurs in one direction (clockwise), for antiparticles in the other (counterclockwise).

The mechanism of action of gravitational forces is shown in this animation picture. It shows that existing rotation of the Bions leads, ultimately, to the attraction (approaching) of particles or bodies.

It’s also easy to understand of joint picture of manifestations and electrical, gravitational forces without using of quantum or probabilistic methods.

Dedicated the Bions orientate radially, and exactly they transmit electrical actions. The others Bions transmit gravitational interactions.

The combination of two types of movements is explained below.

That is, the Bions in the physical vacuum will move like this, in the immediate vicinity from the particles, thereby creating the electric and gravitational fields.

The general theory of interactions and electromagnetic waves.

The process of propagation of electromagnetic waves can be described as follows.

It shows electromagnetic wave from the side.

If the electromagnetic wave is not polarized, bion makes such movements.

Bions rotate, transmitting an electromagnetic wave, crossing line of propagation by their poles. The plane of rotation can remain the same - polarized light, or gradually move - non-polarized light.

Spread of electromagnetic wave (light) is the transmission of rotation from one Bion to another. Speed of transmission of the rotations between the Bions is equal to the speed of light.

Here you can watch an animation picture showing the spread of electromagnetic wave (light ray). Frequency of the Bions rotation greatly understated, for the purpose to see the process of the Bion rotation.

Front view will change for polarized light, because each Bion rotates only in one plane. When the movement of particles is through the Bions, the Bions will be rotated in a certain way (for further details see the next pages). These rotations of the Bions create the wave is called the de Broglie wave.

For further details of the process of propagation of electromagnetic waves see at page “electromagnetic waves - the definition and description”.

The general theory of interactions explains the structure of particle of matter and process of formation “from a vacuum” as follows.

Formation of elementary particles (electrons, protons, neutrons, etc.), formation of the atoms (nuclei and electronic shells) from these particles, joining of atoms between each other by the formation of the solute molecules: all these processes occur on a similar scheme. Namely, the particles (or the Bion on the first base) form closed spatial frameworks that seek, in form, approach to regular polygons (tetrahedron, octahedron, cube, icosahedrons, and dodecahedron).

Hence the magic numbers of nuclear physics. Hence the multiplicity of the most stable electronic shells to the number 8 and number 20.

The number of vertices in these magical figures is a magical number, known in nuclear physics.

Possible structure of the electron (made of the Bion).

Possible structure of the electron (made of the Bion)

Electron is a spatial association of the Bions, shown at the picture. The central charge (the negative half of the Bion) is surrounded by two "cells" of the charges Bion. Each of these charges is a pole of the Bion, a second pole of the Bion is part of the external frame.

Every facet of the cube is composed of a number of the Bion, the number of the Bion in each facet requires additional calculations.

Proton and neutron will be formations in the form of tetrahedrons (the magic number of tetrahedrons form figures or in the shape of regular polygons, or very close to spherical.

For further details see page “The magic of numbers”.

Animation picture showing the birth of the electron and type of frames of the electron and proton you can see here.

The mass is properties of material bodies or elementary particles to create in a space around themselves the Bions rotation, the gravitational interactions are occurred by means of this rotation. Then antiparticles will be such associations of the Bions in a closed framework, which in a space around themselves create rotation of the Bions reverse (mirror) helicity.

For further details see page “The new theory of gravitation”.









Strong and weak interactions in the general theory of interactions.

Strong and weak interactions are used in the Standard Model, in the general theory of interactions are explained by the gravitational attraction and electrical repulsion, respectively.

Nuclear forces don’t exist. The sustainability of the nuclei is explained by the fact that the radius of the gravitational interaction is smaller than the radius of the electric interaction (it is easy to see in the picture), and gravitation to a certain distance between similar charges, holds the charges in immediate vicinity each other, because it isn’t possible to achieve the electrostatic repulsion by the orientations of the Bions. At that moment when the distance between the particles becomes possible to carry out electrical interaction and when “weak forces” are working.

For further details see page “nucleus of the atom, the structure and properties of nuclei”.

So looks the location and movement of the Bions with strong approaching of two protons, responsible for the so-called strong interaction. The question of why the protons in the nucleus don’t repel each other, receives the following response. Gravitation, not nuclear force, holds protons in the nuclei close by each other.

The discreteness of the spectrum of atoms.

The discreteness of spectrum of atomic radiation is explained by the need of coincidence of two quantities. First, by the rotational energy of the Bion (E = h * nu) and by the rotational energy of the atom (E = J * omega in the square in half). Secondly, by the periods between coincidences of radiative locations. The Planck formula (a linear dependence on frequency) is used for the energy of the Bion, formula for the energy of a rotating body (quadratic dependence on frequency) is used for the atomic energy.

As long as these values don’t coincide, the radiation doesn’t occur. For further details see page “spectrum of atomic radiation and its laws”.

The discreteness of the spectrum of atoms.

Graph of dependence of atomic energy is shown by the blue color. Graph of dependence of the Bion energy is shown by the red color. Intersections of two graphs give the values of energy. The difference of these energies shows quantity which can be absorbed or radiated by an atom.

Radiation is only possible when the electron and the Bion after each rotation of the electron take the location which is shown at the picture. The coincidence of the location of the electron and the positive pole of the Bion is only possible when one rotation of the electron exits 1, 2, 3, 4, and etc. of the Bion rotations. Hence the integrality of ratio of quantity of rotations, which in the old theory can be adopted for the main quantum number.

Neutrino isn’t a particle, but the longitudinal electromagnetic wave, and the speed of its spread is slightly higher than the speed of light.

For further details see page “neutrino, antimatter and black holes (the new explanation).

The principle of continuity implies continuity of changes.

So the Bion subject to the area of the Universe which it occupies is also being changed. That is, distance between its positive and negative charges is increasing or decreasing. And also the angle of curvature of the Bion. As a consequence, the speed of light and gravitational constant is change. The same refers to the dimensionality of space, which is formed by the Bions at this point of the Universe. Only the quantity of dimension isn’t equal to the entire three, but it’s gradually changing while in the vicinity of three, but as a noninteger.

The logical error of the theory of quantum mechanics is in violation of the principle of continuity, that is, in the quantum approach, as well as in the use of probabilistic methods to a single particle in unchanging conditions.

Logical error of relativity theory is using of the invariance of the interval, instead of using the invariance of energy. And also in the using of Lorentz transformations (two-dimensional in nature).

Explanation of why the Michelson experiment gives that kind of result, although the existence of “dynamic ether” can be considered established, as well as answers to many questions you will find on the site.

The Energy information field

Transfer of information interactions (energy information field) is carried out through the Bions by periodical simultaneous formation of signs structures in the form of elements of plane and spatial figures. These figures can be perceived by the human brain irrespective of national or linguistic belonging, and (in simplified form) animals. For further details see page “The energy information field”.

Life, according to our theory, is the ability of structures, consisting eventually of the Bions, to multivariant response on the same energy information effect. Of course such an effect is certain spatial and temporal changes (or recurrent) configuration of the Bions. 

Mind is the ability of life forms to the cyclic spontaneous (at its discretion) the reproduction of energy information influences, and the formation of the adequate (which give the best result for the process of continuation of life) reactions. For further details see page “The information base of physical processes. Riddles of the mind”.

An alternative approach to the development of stars, stellar systems and galaxies has been realized in our theory on the ground of the principle of continuity, that is, has given a new cosmological theory. For further details see page “Riddles of the Universe”.

Who is interested in questions of existence of God, the phenomena of mind (telepathy, clairvoyance) can see the next pages of “The beginnings of mind in the Universe”, “The principle of continuity of human society”, and “The energy-field.” It’s better to read in such order.

Moreover, we give a scientific but understandable for everyone description of these phenomena.

Every new theory, of course, needs to be confirmed. On the page experiments for corroboration and technical innovations are shown possible ways of checking of the general theory of interactions, and also are offered completely new technical solutions.

Don’t be surprised such a variety of topics, because the world is one, and the theory that we offer is universal. That is, covers the all spectrum of issues occurred in our life. The theory is very simple, has a lot of pictures. The text practically hasn’t formulas, but even the difficult physical and chemical issues are disclosed by understandable language.

Who is interested in the classical view of modern physics and chemistry at the end of pages, devoted to one issue or another, is located a short summary of these views. It has done with a view of comparison and assessment of difference. A separate page of a site is devoted to comparative analysis of the general theory of interactions and the theories included in the Standard Model.

Analysis of the messages of aliens (COD) was used for creation of the general theory of interaction.

I apologize for combined using of Russian and English text on the same page, but there are sections for foreign readers on the site. Please treat with understanding.

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